A_l_e_x_i_s_ _M_a_r_g_u_e_r_i_t_e_ _T_e_p_l_i_n_:_ _“P_ _a_n_d_ _C_”

Performance in the context of the exhibition “Sacré 101”

Alexis Marguerite Teplin’s artistic practice often combines painting and sculpture with performance. Teplin’s work P and Cis inspired by the search undertaken by Ballets Russes to find new forms of expression, as seen in the piece Le Sacre du Printemps Printemps, which was specially composed for this Russian ballet ensemble. In P and C, two actors and the artist act in a burlesque manner, thus thematizing various aspects of Le Sacre du Printemps and weaving an extensive web of references – from Oscar Wilde’s Salome, to Man Ray, to Martha Graham, right through to Ken Russell’s film Isadora (1966).

P and C is Teplin’s second performance work; her first, The Party, was commissioned by London’s Serpentine Gallery.

Actors: Jamie Bradley (UK), Bettina Carpi (UK), Alexis Marguerite Teplin (UK)

Wall Drawing, 2014, Bethnal Green Studio

Studio Andrea Salvatore, Solarolo, Italy 2014
Museo San Marino Commission

Polariod, Dazed and Confused, 2006